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Saf-T-Gard International is proud to be a member of SMG - The Safety Marketing Group.

SMG is the world’s largest consortium of independently owned safety equipment distributors.

World-Class Service

Customers receive the best service because we know that their satisfaction is paramount to our success.


Safety Specialists

Safety focused, our specialists are dedicated and ready to provide solutions for a safer worker environment.



SMG offers a vast array of safety products to fulfill every safety need through our Preferred Supplier Partners.



Strong established relationships with Supplier Partners has given our group a leading edge when it comes to pricing.


Maximized Coverage

SMG helps manage coverage and maximize opportunities for suppliers and distributors.


Safety Marketing Group

The world's largest consortium of independently owned safety equipment

We are a network of dominant, independent safety equipment distributors in North America. It’s member companies are unified to furnish dedicated customer service and flexibility provided best by independent entrepreneurs, owned and operated on a local level. The SMG is a corporation-organized as an industry cooperative-which is focused on group purchasing and group marketing of quality safety equipment products.

Our focus is on collective strength through strong preferred supplier programs which provides improved profit opportunities and where needed, leverage to compete with the large national distributors.

We currently have over 60 distributor members whose combined sales are in excess of $900,000,000. We also have over 60 Preferred and Associate Suppliers in our organization representing the leading or top tier brands and product solutions.

Our Mission

The mission of SMG is to provide opportunities, services and resources that enable distributor members to be the customer’s choice for safety solutions through a unified alliance with preferred suppliers.

Our Strength

The SMG’s strength comes from its membership. Each of our members is an equal shareholder of the SMG organization.

The members of SMG are typically dominant safety distributors in their geographical areas. They are:

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Headed by committed community industry leaders
  • Technologically advanced
  • Financially strong
  • Exceptionally responsive to customers needs, and
  • Dedicated to providing ultimate customer value.

Members benefit from a management team which is drawn from leaders of the industry. Active participation by all members is the key to reaching SMG’s objectives.

The SMG members have a combined annual sales in excess of $900,000,000 and operate from more than 180 stocking locations throughout North America.




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